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Statement of Purpose

Soarbody Therapeutics is an sports performance based practice, dedicated to helping sports athletes in training overcome chronic pain and weaknesses, prevent future injuries, and develop their potential to excel at their sports.

Scope of Practice
Our scope of practice lies within the legal parameters of the massage therapist (LCMT, NCBTMB) and the strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS, NSCA). Because we respect both your health and our scope practice, any client with a condition that is outside the scope of strength and conditioning and massage therapy will be referred out to the appropriate health care professional and any client who arrives at a session with an acute injury or condition will be dismissed and directed to seek medical attention immediately. Similarly, while we respect, value and monitor the general health of our clients for their safety, we do not provide services to meet specific health objectives (fitness, weight loss, relaxation, etc) but maintain an extensive referral list of personal trainers, massage therapists, and nutritionists to help them with these needs.


Note: We do not accept clients with acute injuries or clients with litigation or possible litigation pending due to the chronic condition for which they seek treatment.


Note: Photos of training on this page are at remote training facilities. No training is done on site.

Who is Sam Peck?

Sam Peck, BA, CSCS, LCMT — is the sole proprietor of Soarbody Therapeutics. Sam is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS, NSCA) and a licensed certified massage therapist (LCMT, NCBTMB). His practice focuses on sports performance enhancement and assessing, preventing, and treating chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain in sports athletes in training.


After attending Roanoke College, where he competed in cross country, and Boston College, where he studied education, he graduated with a BA in education and went on to teach in three different states. Sam attended the Muscular Therapy Institute where he graduated with a GPA of 4.0 in 2004 to launch his new career. Inspired by those who treated him for chronic athletic injuries and by an internship at Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic, Medford, MA, Sam focused his professional development on precise orthopedic assessment of chronic injuries and treatment within his scopes of practice. Understanding that for injuries to most fully resolve, healing must occur in the presence of motion, Sam went on to earn his certification as a strength and conditioning specialist in 2009. He has combined his skills in manual therapy, education, and strength and conditioning into a philosophy he calls dynamic muscular therapy to provide athletes in training clinical sports training massage.


Currently Sam offers clinical sports training massage from his office located between Davis Square, Somerville and Tufts University, Medford. Focusing exclusively on sports athletes in training, Sam receives most of his referrals from certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers, but welcomes all sports athletes in training who need his services for performance, injury prevention or rehabilitation.

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